ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad – ROG Phone 5


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ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad consists of a bumper1, two controllers, a charger and a grip. For Handheld mode, attach the left and right controllers to the mobile phone via the bumper to give you a precise tactile feel. Alternatively, try the handy and compact Mobility mode by mounting the controllers on the charger, or mount them on the grip for the no-holds-barred All-in-One mode. Use the proper stands to position your mobile phone on a flat surface at the ideal viewing angle, and enjoy an amazing console-like experience!

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ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad – ROG Phone 5

ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad (ROG Phone 5)Product Name
ZS661KSCLModel name
Handheld Mode: 260.7*106.3*37.9 (mm) | Gamepad Mode (All-In-One): 154.75* 110.25* 66.8 (mm) |  Gamepad Mode (Mobility) : 117.2* 106.3* 40.9 (mm)Dimension
Handheld Mode : 136g | Gamepad Mode (All-In-One) : 198.8g |  Gamepad Mode (Mobility) : 135gWeight
ROG Phone 5Platform
Wired (Type-C)/ Bluetooth (v4.2)Connectivity
A,B,X,Y, D-pad | Left/ Right joystick (with push button) | RB, LB; RT, LT (analog input) | M1, M2; Shortcut key x 4Control Button
Status Indication / Charging IndicationLight indicator
Static/ Breathing/ Color Cycle/ Strobing/  (Wired)Aura lighting
Bluetooth mode can support at least 6hrsBattery life
Full charge within 2hrsCharging time
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